Linen Hire & Hotel Laundry Services In Jedburgh

LaundryPro pride themselves on being a dependable Hotel laundry service with a product range to cater for the needs of every business in the hospitality sector. Dedicated linen, linen hire and laundry only are the unique service that LaundryPro can supply. They have the ability to process high numbers but with the care and attention you would expect.

The Jedburgh Commercial Laundry covers Hotels, Guest houses, Serviced Apartments, Boutique hotels, activity centres Hostels and many more. With a range of luxury bed linen, soft fluffy towels and crisp white table linen LaundryPro will ensure your guest have a great stay.

LaundryPro use a barcode tracking system to follow every move of your laundry combined with our dedicated computer software ensuring every parameter of the business is recorded. Our team of customer service staff will ensure the smooth running of your business while our in house trained operators will ensure your laundry is in good hands.

Why Join Us?

Great Cleaning

You want to receive clean and fresh linen, ready to use and in the correct quantities. We will also supply a delivery note detailing each bags contents.

Punctual Deliveries

Your business efficiencies depend on regular and timely deliveries of linen from the laundry. We operate timetabled schedules and we always turn up.

Luxury Linen

Perhaps you require luxury Egyptian quality linen or thick fluffy towels. We offer a range of products to accommodate both regular use and high end boutique hotel requirements.


Get direct access to key managers in the business who can make decisions and give you answers. We know all our customers by name and keep in touch regularly.

Emergency Deliveries

We can arrange emergency deliveries for those unexpected busy periods. You can also adjust your stock requirements in advance of any event too.


You want a laundry company that is flexible and understanding. We always listen to our customers and discuss ways to accommodate their needs.