Why do so many hotels, restaurants and businesses within the hospitality industry rent the linen used in their operations?

Hiring linen is a very popular choice and there is good reason for this. There are 4 main considerations when deciding how to handle the linen in a hospitality business and the benefits of hiring linen from a commercial laundry are very convincing.

1. Simplify The Operation

Hiring linen will take away many of the hassles derived from the alternatives. All task associated with operating a laundry are removed; not least staffing and maintenance. The process of identifying suitable linen for your business is also simplified as commercial linen hire companies will be supplying a range of linen which they have many years of experience and know it will perform.

2. Flexibility

By hiring linen from a commercial laundry you should be allowed to flex your volumes up and down to meet the peaks and troughs within your business. Hotels that own their own linen will have to make that extra investment and organise sourcing the linen should a shortage arise. There may be brief periods where you require items you don’t normally use, such as table linen, for example. Linen hire companies will be capable of organising this for you at short notice.

Linen hire also gives you flexibility to change should your requirements change. Perhaps you have bought new beds or tables and you require a different sized linen, or you are targeting a different market and need to increase the grade of the linen used. Hiring linen gives you the ability to switch the stocked items without a considerable upfront investment.

3. Upfront Investment

Purchasing linen for a hotel or restaurant is a significant cost. Linen for a busy 30 bedroom hotel can easily exceed £10,000. And should you choose to install an on-site laundry then the upfront investment will be considerable. By using linen hire you avoid all upfront investment and pay for the service monthly after the linen has been used. This frees up funds to invest into other areas of the business.

4. The Full Cost Of Laundry

When comparing linen hire with OPL (on premise laundry) many of the costs can be overlooked at the planning stage and don’t become clear until the OPL is operational. The basic costs of operating an OPL are essential and cannot be avoided. Here is a brief list:

  • Labour
    By the far the biggest cost for running a laundry is the labour. With changes to minimum wages and the transfer of sick pay and pensions from government to business, labour is also the fastest growing cost.
  • Utilities
    Gas, electric, water, heating oil are also one of the largest costs for laundries.
  • Detergent
    Chemistry plays a key role in successful and effective laundering. Commercial laundries will use in excess of eight chemicals to achieve great results.
  • Maintenance & Replacement
    Every time the machine is used a little bit of wear occurs – they won’t last forever and planning for maintenance and replacement needs to be accounted for.
  • Linen Replenishment
    Linen will wear at different rates depending on how often it has been used. On-going replenishment of linen stock is essential.
  • Lost Opportunity
    Often overlooked, but what else could you use the space that your laundry is taking up?

To achieve cost effective laundry you really need a significant scale. Only the very largest of hotel laundries can achieve the necessary scale.


Managing your own linen in a restaurant or hotel can be a real headache. Hiring linen from a commercial laundry can offer a much more convenient solution. The costs to operate your own on-site laundry are significant and not always understood at the outset. By working with a linen hire company you can really leverage the benefits of cost savings, simplicity and flexibility through their ‘know-how’ and scale.

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